How did I get my name?

Honoring the many pioneering men and women of the prominent Walter family who farmed my land for over a century was of utmost importance to the McCall Homes team.

My namesake derives from the first name, Anna, given at birth to many of the Walter family daughters as their "Christian" name. "Feld" translates from the German word for "field" respecting the tradition of planting seeds, growing roots, and reaping the harvest from the fields. Annafeld is literally short for "Anna's Field".

The Walter family lived on and worked this piece of land in addition to contributing to the development of the Billings community. Like many farm families, the neighbors of Annafeld will put down family roots, nurture their children, pay gratitude to the natural beauty of their surroundings, and become part of their community fabric weaving together honored traditions with newly-made memories.

If you like my older sister, Josephine, you'll love me!

If you like my older sister, Josephine, you'll love me!

Nestled between the Yellowstone River and the newly renovated Elysian K-8 School, I'm roughly twice the geographical size of my sister neighborhood, Josephine Crossing. Like her, I am a McCall Homes community which means the spaces between homes are just as important as the homes themselves. It also means that the people who live here feel safe, connected, and valued by their neighbors.

While Josephine is known for her pocket parks and access to walking and biking trails, I can boast those and more with the addition of:

  • community amenities,
  • natural outdoor spaces,
  • resident-supported businesses,
  • and a broader variety of home types

setting me apart from any other neighborhood in Billings. People from all over will come visit me to shop, eat, run, bike, and even work!

Plus, my easy access to Elysian School via walking/biking paths will be a desirable feature for many school-age families and for community members who want to take advantage of the school's many Adult Education programs.

Get $10,000 in upgrades!

What do homeowners say about building with McCall Homes?

"Overall we are very pleased with our home, the quality, and with the service. We also love the sense of community that the McCalls have created."


"We are so excited to be building with McCall Homes in the new Annafeld neighborhood. The floor plans are great, quality is wonderful, standard features are amazing, and the McCall team is outstanding to work with. Can't wait to move in!"


"The process of building our home with McCall Homes was so much fun that we'll never be able to buy a pre-built again. The plans offered are affordable and the team goes above and beyond to customize every detail to truly make it 'our' home. The building process was easy and super quick!"


Here's what I have to offer so far....

  • 2 & 3 Bedroom Townhomes starting in the $100s
  • Single Family Home lots with many floor plans to choose from
  • Catherina Court Cottages starting in the $100s
  • Common Parks and Playgrounds
  • Bridge over Walter Creek to Elysian Road bike path
  • Affordable comfort with our ComfortBuilt home features using advanced building science and materials)
  • Proven process - design your own or purchase a home with a professionally-designed package
  • Walkability/Bikability to a reputable K-8 School
  • Lots on parks and near the river!







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